Traditional Schedule Autofill Tool

The Autofill tool appears on the Planning page and provides automated scheduling with a single pass algorithm that uses five tunable heuristics.

Check the validation tool

You should check the validation tool after Autofill finishes a schedule because it can leave some unscheduled blocks, and in some more difficult cases there can be other validation issues.

Jaggedness around lunch time

If you are getting jaggedness or gaps around lunch time, then you should check your lunch schedule. It is often the case that Autofill is avoiding the placement of a block that would overlap with lunch. If you swap lunch times for those grades, you may be able to achieve a schedule that makes better use of time.

Grade Order

Autofill works with one grade at a time placing blocks earlier in the day and gradually working its way down through your schedule. You can drag and drop the grades into the order you wish it to use.

Filling Pattern

  • Stacked treats each grade as a separate horizontal stripe across your schedule. The next grade will be later in the day than the previous grade across the entire week.

  • Stacked/Shifted does the same as stacked but shifts the pattern for each grade. This can make for a much better schedule for the specialists because it spreads out their breaks across the week.

  • Left-to-right fills in the blocks in reading order, left to right and top to bottom.

  • Interlaced does a tightly packed hodge podge. It does one grade at a time, but it starts over at the top left filling in as many gaps as it can as it goes (more or less).

Grade width

Autofill pulls the blocks for a particular grade together into patches to attempt to provide common planning times. You can adjust how many days of the week those patches should cover. For example, if you select 4, Autofill will attempt to spread the specials for each grade over four days.

Starting from scratch

Autofill can either pull all your blocks off the schedule when it begins its work or it can leave in place all the blocks that you have placed manually on the schedule. You may find this useful if know certain things need to happen at certain times. Put them on manually, and let Autofill work around them.

Add breaks between grades

You may want a short break to exist whenever a specialist switches from one grade to another. Autofill will let you ask for that in any of the filling patterns that don’t interlace the grades.