Traditional Schedule Autofill Tool

The Autofill tool appears on the Planning page and provides automated scheduling with a single pass algorithm. That just means that it’s not going to look for hours for what could be your ideal schedule. Instead it attempts to quickly put all the blocks onto the calendar using some strategies that should lead to something close to a reasonable schedule.

Check the validation tool

You should check the validation tool after Autofill finishes a schedule because it can leave some unscheduled blocks, and in some more difficult cases there can be other validation issues.

Jaggedness around lunch time

If you are getting jaggedness or gaps around lunch time, then you should check your lunch schedule. It is often the case that Autofill is avoiding the placement of a block that would overlap with lunch. If you swap lunch times for those grades, you may be able to achieve a schedule that makes better use of time.

Grade Order

Autofill works with one grade at a time placing blocks earlier in the day and gradually working its way down through your schedule. You select which grade to place at each step. This will give you the chance to adjust where thing are before the next grade is placed.

Starting Over

Autofill will not take any blocks off the schedule when it begins its work. You can use the Start Over button to clear the schedule and start from scratch if you wish.