Create a Master Schedule for Your Elementary School

This software tackles the tedious parts, so the process flows smoothly into top-notch professional results.

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Less Work, No Errors, and Easy to Print Schedules for all Classes!

Save time and frustration! - You can create your schedule for the entire school in less time than you do now. In addition, once you are finished you will be able to immediately print out your school lunch schedule, and all your special area classes (physical education, library, music, art) with a click of one button. No more having to cross-check your master schedule with your special area class schedules.

Error free schedules! - No more schedules with a missing class period or a double class. As you design your master schedule you will be alerted to how many classes are yet to be scheduled. Conflicts and omissions will be a thing of the past.

Save money! - Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive piece of software that requires a computer guru to understand. For an investment of $0.00 (Yes, the software is free) you will have all the tools you need and a piece of software that is easy to use.

Make your secretary happy! - Your school secretary can quickly print out schedules for the special area teachers (physical education, library, music, art) and schedules for each grade level with a click of a button. No more time wasted on transcribing a master schedule onto specific schedules looking to see if any classes have been left out.

Easy, hassle free changes! - Need to make changes due to a teacher getting married? No problem. Changes can be completed in a very short period of time and will be reflected in all the schedules when printed.

Web Based Software! - Elementary School Schedule Maker works on all platforms since it is web based and does not require any installation process.

Free Upgrades! - As we make improvements to our software, you will be able to receive these upgrades for Free.

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  • One schedule
  • K-5 only
  • 4 special areas
  • Reporting




  • Semi-automatic planning
  • Multiple schedules
  • Pre-K to 5th plus 3 more grades
  • 14 special areas plus lunch
  • Custom blocks
  • Rotating schedules




  • Priority support by email
  • Introductory phone call with screen sharing
  • Includes Premium features




  • 10% discount for multiple schools purchased at once



30-day money back guarantee
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